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How to Break a Rental Lease Agreement Early Without Penalty 2021 (VIDEO)

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Getting approved to rent an apartment is a dream come true to many, but getting out of the lease is never intended. Apartment renting can be tough when a roommate moves out or the monthly rent goes up. You signed the lease but don’t want to live there anymore, now what? How do you get out of a lease without being sued by the landlord or the management company? The professionals at the Local Records Office broke it down on how you can live without fear of a lawsuit.

1. How to Get Out of the Lease in Los Angeles

Getting out of a lease is not easy in many states. You won’t be able to break a lease for simple reasons like your dog died, your roommate moved out, the apartment doesn’t seem as big as it once did, you need to come up with a really good reason to avoid a lawsuit.

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