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How to Invest in Shopping Centers for Beginners (VIDEO)

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Investing in shopping centers as a beginner is a great way to gain knowledge of the fundamentals of the different types of shopping centers. There are four critical aspects of shopping center investing every investor needs to know. Not every shopping center is the same and it doesn’t bring in the same income. The professionals at the Local Records Office created a list on how to gain the most knowledge on investing in strip centers lots like a professional.

Most Common Types of Shopping Centers in Los Angeles

Mall: Malls are the most common shopping centers since we’ve all done our shopping at a mall at least once in our lifetime. Malls can take up to 50 to 100 acres of property; they’re usually enclosed and have central walkways with stores facing each other.

Strip center: Strip centers are usually opened with nothing enclosing them, the most common shape of a strip center is usually U or L shaped to help customers see stores more clearly. These types of centers are usually smaller than the common mall centers and are as big as 30 to 50 acres.

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