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This has been a rocky year for the real estate market, it had its up and downs. Even though the year is not over the market will continue to be unstable. By keeping yourself busy by setting goals you will end the year successfully. The questions you should be asking yourself are “What are you going to accomplish this year?”  “Have you set your real estate goals this year or are you halfway to achieving them?”

The Two Different Types of Brilliant Real Estate Investors

Right now, I believe there are 2 types of investors; those who are buying properties as fast as they can and those that are on the sidelines.  The investors that are buying are seeing many of the same things I see every day, all of the positives in the market, showings are up (when it isn’t 90+ degrees), closings are happening, interest rates are still low, rental vacancies at an all-time low, the deals are plentiful, need I say more? For those on the sidelines what are you waiting for?

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