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7 Ways to Develop Tolerance While Flipping Houses (VIDEO)

For those of us that have worked through several deals, we must keep a level head and not get overconfident. The moment we write off the risk and assume that we can do no wrong is the moment we set ourselves up for a big fall.

People are different when it comes to how much risk tolerance they naturally have. Some can go out and sign up a contract on a house without a second thought, while others need to analyze every single thing that could possibly go wrong. There is a balance and a middle ground that needs to be achieved. This difference in people’s level of risk tolerance needs to be understood and appreciated so that we can move forward to getting all concerned on board, with minimal stress.

If your significant other has trouble accepting the level of risk involved in flipping houses, there are several things that can be done to try and help them cope and develop a tolerance.

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