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5 Types of Rental Units Los Angeles Can Build Instead of Luxury Apartments

A few years ago, LA’s Housing and Preservation Department (HPD) put out an RFP to develop a small, unloved lot wedged between anonymous towers-in-parks in the Kip’s Bay area of Los Angeles. The RFP, dubbed adAPT LA, was the Bloomberg administration’s exploration into seeing if micro-apartments were a viable solution for housing the future for Angelinos. Unique to the proposal was an exemption from the then-minimum 400 square foot dwelling-unit size requirement.

AdAPT got an amazing response. Teams included major developers like Jonathan Rose Companies and Durst, as well as notable architects like Rogers Stirk Harbour, Grimshaw, and HWKN. The 33 entries received were three times as many entries as any other similar RFP had ever garnered.

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